Here we go again! December 2012 will be here before you know it. We are already making preparations for our Annual Holiday Show.

Our Holiday Show will be held on a weekend in December. We have, however, been unable to yet confirm a theatre and the set dates for our show (we are working on it). You will not need to make a commitment to us about the show until we given you specified dates and times.

We would like the students who are interested in participating to attend a special evening “Holiday Show Invite Class” in May of 2012.

The dances for the show will be taught on either Saturdays or Sundays in September, October, and November 2012. A rehearsal schedule will be posted (before you commit), and attendance at the rehearsals will be mandatory. There will be a performance fee to help cover costume, rehearsal, and theatre costs; in 2011 it was $50-$75.

If you are interested in being a part of this wonderful show, please keep an eye out for our Holiday Show Invite Class. If you are interested, but cannot attend our “Invite Classes”, or if you have any questions or concerns; please call the studio. Thank you.


Unlike our Recital where every class has a costume that we purchase from a costume company, our Holiday Show is different. We may order some costumes; we may use costumes we already have in stock; we may try to reuse some of last year’s recital costumes; we may borrow costumes from other schools. Some of the routines are more theatrical in nature and will have costumes that the students create themselves (examples: in one number the students will wear their own mittens, snow jackets, and scarves; in another number the students will wear anything white; in another anything green, white, and red). Although the staff has had lengthy discussions on this topic, we can’t make a final decision on costumes until we get your confirmation letters back and obtain a final count of who is participating in the show.

Tights and Shoes

You may need to buy tights and shoes for the routines you are in; but in most cases you should already have these items in your regular dance classes.

Performance Fees:

There will be a performance fee to help cover costume, rehearsal, and theatre costs. It must be paid upon acceptance to the show. Note that this fee does not include any tickets. In 2011, the fee was $50-$75.


Anyone wishing to see the show will need to purchase a ticket. In 2011, tickets cost $15 each.