Unlike our Recital, where every class has a costume that we purchase from a costume company, our Holiday Show is different. We may order some costumes; we may use costumes we already have in stock; we may try to reuse some of last year’s recital costumes; we may borrow costumes from other schools. Some of the routines are more theatrical in nature and will have costumes that the students create themselves (examples: in one number the students might wear their own mittens, snow jackets, and scarves; in another number the students might wear anything white; in another anything green, white, and red).

Specific information for the 2012 Holiday Show will be posted in the Fall of 2012.

While our staff has lengthy discussions on this topic in advance, we can’t make a final decision on costumes until we get the confirmation letters back and obtain a final count of who is participating in the show.

Tights and Shoes for All Students

You may need to buy tights and shoes for the routines you are in; but in most cases you should already have these items from your regular dance classes. For most numbers, we will try to go with a type of shoe that the majority of students have and try to borrow shoes for those students who don’t have the specific type that they will need; you may, however, be required to obtain a pair of shoes that matches everyone else’s.

~ If your dancer is wearing pink ballet slippers, please pull the elastic laces so that they fit the foot snugly, tuck the laces into the shoe, and preferably secure them inside the shoe with duct tape.

~ If your dancer is wearing black patent tap shoes, you will need to remove the laces and replace them with black elastic. We have black elastic that we can give you at the Studio or at the Rehearsals. Often we will give you two bows that need to be tacked to the black elastic on the shoes.

Students in more than One Number Need to Under/Overdress their Tights

If you are wearing two or more colors of tights in the show, you may need to underdress or overdress your tights (i.e. wear two pairs of tights at the same time). This will assist you in changing costumes when time is short. Please check the to see if your child needs more than one color of tights, then check the order of your numbers. Plan ahead. Students can wear any color (pink, tan, or black) on top, but can only wear pink or tan underneath (black will show through). Contact the studio if you have any questions about this.

Styles of Tights

All tights should be Bloch brand “pink”, “tan”, or “salmon”.

Note: do not get Bloch Brand “light pink” tights.


Item Colors

Footed Tights

Bloch (adult T0920L)

(For older ballet students only; check to see which color your child’s class is wearing.) Salmon

Bloch (child T0921G, adult T0920L)

(Note: Do not buy Bloch “Light Pink”, we use Bloch “Pink”.) Lt. Tan, Pink, Black

Footless Tights

Bloch (child T0940G) Lt. Tan

Bloch (adult T0940L) Lt. Tan

Convertible Tights

Bloch (adult T0935L)

(For older ballet students only; check to see which color your child’s class is wearing.) Salmon

Bloch (child T0935G, adult T0935L)

(Note: Do not buy Bloch “Light Pink”, we use Bloch “Pink”.) Lt. Tan, Pink, Black

Hair Notes for All Students

~ We will let you know how hair will be worn for the dances. If you do not know how to do the hairstyle, please call us; we will be happy to help.

~ Regardless of style, the bangs of all students must be pulled back off their faces; with short bangs, wet the hair and use gel and bobby pins to get them back.

~ If you do not know how to put hair into a ballet bun, and your dancer needs one, please ask us, we will be happy to show you. You will need hairpins, bobby pins, a fine mesh hairnet, and gel. Ask us if you do not know what any of these are. We have extras at the studio.

~ Please do not put your child’s hair into cornrows, or braids, or use fancy colored clips. Just pull their hair straight back cleanly and neatly. Again call us if you have a concern. Note: some students have mentioned that they have to use cornrows to control their hair, if so talk to us; we will work with you.

Costume Notes for All Students

General Costume Basics

~ If your costume is wrinkled do not iron it; it will melt! Hang it in a steamy bathroom; the steam will take the wrinkles out. If the costume has a tutu, hang the costume upside down.

~ Underwear – Do not wear underwear under your tights; it shows through. We tell younger children that the costume is like a bathing suit and that the underwear is magically built in.

~ For many costumes, students may wear a nude colored camisole leotard under their costumes. Several students have mentioned that they prefer this as some of the costumes are itchy. If you are interested in this, but do not know what it is, call the studio.

~ Jewelry – Do not wear jewelry on stage. This includes bracelets (ankle or wrist), earrings, rings, etc. (Note: If you must wear a small post earring, cut off a piece of a Band-Aid and place it over the earring.)

~ Pierced Ears – Do not get your child’s ears pierced before the Dress Rehearsal and Performance. Wait one week.

~ Nail Polish – Please do not wear colored nail polish (or toe polish, if dancing in bare feet).

Returning Costumes

At the end of the show, some classes will leave their costumes at the theater, and other classes will take their costumes home. Students taking costumes home are doing so either because they belong to them or because they are using them in future competitions. We will let you know which classes need to leave their costumes at the theater and which classes are taking their costumes home. Note to students who need to leave their costumes at the theater: please make sure you bring a change of clothes with you so you can leave your costume with us.

Costume/Hair/Tights/Shoes List

Detailed costume information will be posted in the fall of 2012. Please call us if you have any questions about what needs to be obtained.