Inspired by our December 2011 Holiday Show? December 2012 will be here before you know it. In May 2012, we will hold a special “Holiday Show Invite Class” for the students who are interested in participating. The purpose of this class is to allow our teachers to see what the children’s different levels and abilities are for placement purposes, and so our teachers know what to plan for.

Typically students who are age 7 and above are eligible to participate. The only time we might not be able to accept a student into the Holiday show is if (a) we do not have a sufficient number of students of the same age, ability, and size to form a dance, or (b) if we were unable to obtain costumes for a student that fit.

Wear leotards, tights or jazz pants, and dance shoes to the Invite Class.

Most Holiday Show dances in our upper levels are designed for students at the level of our Performing Groups. If you are interested in participating in our Holiday show, but not the Performing Group, there are options, but call us before auditioning.

Typically, our Holiday Show will be held on a Saturday in mid-December, with two evening dress rehearsals the week before. The dances for the actual show will be taught on Saturdays in September, October, and November. A rehearsal schedule will be posted (before you commit). Attendance at the rehearsals will be mandatory. There will be a performance fee to help cover costume, rehearsal, and theatre costs.

You will not need to make a firm commitment to us about the show until we given you specified dates and rehearsal times. Once we know who is interested in participating and post a cast list for the show, a commitment letter will be sent to you asking you to reconfirm. We would like all interested students to attend our special Holiday Show invite classes in May, even if you are unsure if you want to participate. If you are away on this date or cannot attend, just call us and we will work out another time for you.

Prior Commitments

If you ultimately choose to participate, you will need to submit to us a list of any prior commitments you have that would prevent you from attending any of our weekend rehearsals. Should a student miss too many rehearsals due to other events, the student might have to be replaced. We are very committed to the teamwork of our students and we have to ask that the students do the same. Teamwork is our key to success. Sometime it is possible for us to work our rehearsals around a family’s prior commitments if we know of them far enough in advance (i.e. before we make up our rehearsal schedules).


If you participate in the Holiday Show, each cast member will be responsible for a performance fee payable with the submission of your July/August Commitment Letter. In 2011, it was $50 for students performing in only one dance, and $75 for all other students. This fee will cover all rehearsals and rental of costumes. It does not include any tickets.

Tickets for the show will be sold separately and are not included in the performance fee. Everyone wishing to watch the show will need a ticket. The cost of a ticket will be about $15.

If you have any questions, please contact the studio.