We offer a wide spectrum of dance classes for all ages and skill levels in a positive environment. Below is a summary of the classes we offer.  Contact us, so our professional staff can help you find a class that’s just right for you, whether you’re exploring the recreational side of dance, seeking a fun way to stay fit and active, or striving to perfect your technique at a higher level.  Each student’s class placement is individual, and carefully considered based on age, experience, and personal goals. We want you to have the best possible dance experience at our studio.  Since performing is the ultimate joy for many dancers, our year culminates with a spring Recital, in which most of our classes participate.

About Our Classes

You and your child will with giggle with glee as you explore the wonders of music and movement together. This half-hour class will include the use of props, music, and creative activities. Your child must be accompanied in class by a participating parent or other trusted adult.

Spins, skips, and sparkly wands! Each week, your child will twirl through a music and dance adventure that will put a bounce in their step and a smile on their face. As we encourage your Tiny Star to explore their creativity, they’ll blossom before your eyes.

In our popular Rising Stars program, see your child’s eyes sparkle with joy as they leap and twirl and laugh with new dance friends. Watch their confidence bloom as they explore the basics of ballet, tap, and creative movement in a more structured atmosphere. Dancers at the Rising Stars level have the opportunity to participate in our end of the year Recital.

You’ll flip for our Tumbling Stars program! Your child will glow with pride as they increase their strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and safe environment. Cartwheels, rolls, and our famous obstacle course await you. Come join us on the mats! Our Tumbling Stars have the opportunity to participate in our end of year Recital.

These cool kids will be jammin’ to the beat! Bouncing, stomping, and shaking to upbeat music – what could be more fun?

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance theater and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

Incorporating the fundamentals of gymnastics and tumbling, our Acro class is designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, while increasing stamina. The class will focus on forward and backward skills (rolls, bends and kick overs), cartwheels/aerials, and balances (headstand, handstand and elbow stands). Students will build self-esteem while developing muscle control, discipline, and concentration. Each student will progress through skills at their own pace, building on their individual level of experience.

We offer several levels of combined ballet/tap classes for dancers ages 5 ½ to 11. Our warm, encouraging staff teach the foundations of ballet and tap in a fun, nurturing atmosphere. Classes are from 60 to 75 minutes long depending on level. Students have the opportunity to participate in our Spring Recital if they wish.

Ballet, the foundation of all dance, is a graceful and precise art form that builds strength, poise, and control. Students who take ballet typically become physically stronger and excel at other forms of dance. We encourage dancers who are taking other styles of dance to also take ballet class.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes are available to all ballet students at our Intermediate Level and above who have attained a specific level of strength, flexibility, and body placement. Before enrolling in these classes and obtaining pointe shoes, students need to be assessed by our staff to be sure they are ready for pointe work. Students who are taking pointe must also take ballet. Because it takes several years of training to be proficient, our lower pointe levels perform a ballet dance but not a pointe dance in our Recital.

Usually seen on the Broadway stage, Tap draws on a percussive and musical theater history, which calls dancers to find rhythms and beats in the music, their bodies, and their feet. This lively, syncopated style of dance makes the performer not only a dancer, but also a percussive musician.

As well as tap classes for children and teens, we have several levels of tap for adults.  Whether you are new to tap, haven’t tapped in years, or have been tapping all along, we have a class for you!

Although Jazz dance is constantly evolving, and tends to be performed to contemporary popular music, it has a specific technique and vocabulary that is all its own. Usually upbeat, high-powered, and dynamic, this tends to be a favorite form of dance among students because of its fun nature. Jazz classes, along with Ballet, are the staples of most serious dancers.

Lyrical interprets the emotions and words of a song through a wide range of dance movements. It has been referred to as a fusion of Ballet and Jazz with motions that are both soft and delicate and at other times, powerful and vibrant. Because of this, students in Lyrical will find it helpful to take Ballet and Jazz as well.

This current, street style of dance is primarily performed to current popular music . Along with promoting personal style and expression, Street Jazz is equipped with its own foundation and technique. A passion to move is the main requirement for this high energy class, therefore this is a great class for beginner and advanced students alike.

Contemporary is a current fusion of numerous dance forms. Although Contemporary is not restricted to a specific technique or vocabulary, it is heavily based in Modern. Modern dance stresses movement from the torso, floor work, contractions, releases, and fall and recovery. Adding Contemporary elements allows dancers to express a unique vision through these movements.. Presenting Contemporary through Modern technique allows students to explore this popular dance form while gaining a good technical foundation.

Since performing is the ultimate joy for many dancers, we offer our most dedicated students the option of joining our Performing Group.

The Performing Group was created for those students who are interested in enhancing their dance knowledge, technique and experience. It is for those who wish to excel at dance and who wish to perfect their art. Participants will be supported in a positive environment while being encouraged to reach their highest potential. Students in the Performing Group will be given many different opportunities to perform the skills they have learned. The students will typically be engaged in performances, competitions, and dance conventions.

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