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   Holiday Show 2021 Information!

Your child is so excited about participating in the Holiday Show! This document contains information about the performances on Sunday, December 19th. If you have any questions about anything that is written (or if you find any errors), please contact us immediately so we can help you.

Where: DoubleTree Hotel, 4727 Concord Pike (Rte. 202), Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 478-6000. If you are driving south on Rte. 202, you will need to pass the DoubleTree Hotel and make a U-turn at the next light.

Important – It looks like there is a light in front of the DoubleTree Hotel; however, this light is for Concord Mall and NOT the DoubleTree Hotel.

When: Sunday, December 19th, 2021 (Shows at 1:00p. 3:00p. 5:00p.) Please see the “Show Time” chart below that lists the specific show (or shows) each class is performing in.

 Parking: You may park in the Hotel parking lot; if there is no room in front, there is parking in the back. Parking is Free.

 Masks: Masks are required for everyone (age 2 and older) in the dressing room, the main ballroom (where we are performing), and in the small lobby area that has been assigned to us. Masks are not required in any other area of the hotel.

 Arrive: Dancers must arrive in the hotel lobby 30 minutes before their scheduled show time. (see the “Show Time” chart below for the time of your performance). If you park in the front lot, enter through the hotel front door, turn to your right, and stop at our information table to check in. If you park in the back parking lot, enter through the back door, walk straight ahead, go up the stairway, and you will find our information table on the left. Dancers will be directed to the dressing room; audience members will enter the main ballroom. Seating is general seating.

 Hair, Tights, Shoes, Makeup

  • All students must arrive with their hair neatly pulled back into a ballet bun. Please do not put any fancy bows, beads, or accessories in your dancer’s hair. Please see our “How to do Hair” video links at the end of this document. If you have extremely short hair or if you are having difficulties with your student’s hair, please contact us.
  • All students must arrive wearing the specified tights for their first dance. Please see the “Tights and Shoes” chart (for the color of tights each class is wearing) and the “Performance Order” chart” (for the order of the dances) below.
  • If students are in more than one dance and need to wear both pink and “tan”/flesh tights, they should put their “tan”/flesh tights on first and overdress their pink tights on top (they will be wearing two pairs of tights at the same time).
  • If you ordered tights from the studio, they are now available for pickup at the studio.
  • Bring your dance shoes in a dance bag. See the “Tights and Shoes” chart below for the shoes that are required for each class. This should be the shoes students are already wearing to class.
  • Although makeup is usually required, makeup is optional for this performance.

General Appearance Notes

  • Jewelry – Do not wear jewelry on stage. This includes bracelets (ankle or wrist), earrings, rings, etc.
  • Pierced Ears – Please do not get your child’s ears pierced right before the Performance. If your child’s ears have recently been pierced and they must wear a small post earring, cut off a piece of a flesh tone band aid and play it over the earring to cover it up.
  • Nails/Polish – We prefer that students do not wear long acrylic nails on stage (they can scratch other students); absolutely no colored nail polish (we will cover colored nails up with Band-Aids or flesh colored tape). Clear nail polish and French Manicures are ok.
  • Underwear – Do not wear underwear under your tights; it shows through. We tell younger children that the costume is like a bathing suit and that the underwear is magically built in. If the young ones really give you a hard time, please wear underwear that does not show (or obtain a flesh-colored bodysuit).
  • If wearing a bra, please make sure it is flesh colored.
  • Have students wear street clothes to the dressing room that are easily removable and that do not mess up the student’s hair and makeup when removed.

Tickets/Wristbands: Each family should have turned in a Holiday Show ticket order form to us. In lieu of tickets, each family will be given wristbands (in the quantity as listed on your ticket order form). Wristbands will be picked up at our information table in the hotel lobby on the day of the show. Please put your wristband on and present it before entering the ballroom. If you have not yet turned a ticket form into us, please immediately access the ticket order form link below.

Important – Extra tickets/wristbands will not be available for sale the day of the show.

Online Holiday Show Ticket Order Form

Restrooms: Please take your child to the restroom before dropping them off to the dressing room. Restrooms are located near the dressing room. And if you park and enter at the back of the hotel, pass the stairway leading up to the ballroom and there are restrooms directly in front of you.

Dressing Room

  • Unless absolutely needed for young children who might be nervous or frightened, guardians are not permitted in the dressing room. Our staff will take care of the students.
  • For security, each guardian dropping their child off to the dressing room will be given one additional wristband with a code number on it (this wristband is not a ticket- it will be a different color than the wristband used to enter the ballroom). When picking up your student after the show, this wristband must be presented.

Performances: Each performance is about 1 hour long. Students will remain in the dressing room the entire time.

Out of courtesy to the audience:

  • Doors to the ballroom will not be opened while numbers are being performed on stage. Doors may be opened between dance routines.
  • If you are sitting in the main area, please stay seated while any dance is being performed. Do not stand up in the middle of a dance.
  • Please remain quiet while dances are being performed.
  • Please take any children who are noisy outside of the ballroom to allow them to calm down.

Taking Videos: There will be a spot reserved in the ballroom for guardians who wish to take videos. Guardians must move to this area to take videos. Videos cannot be taken from the general seating area where the view of others might be blocked. No flashes of any kind are allowed.

Taking Pictures of the Children in Costume: Given limited time on the day of the show, guardians are not permitted to take pictures of the students in their Holiday Show costumes. Instead, guardians my sign up (using the link below) to take a picture of their child in their Holiday Show costume at the dance studio on Monday, December 20th from 4:00-8:00p

   >  Holiday Show Costume Photo Signup

Food: No food/drink is permitted in the ballroom or dressing room. The shows are about 1 hour long – please feed your dancers before they come. Note: We will talk to dancers who are performing in more than one show and who must be there for several hours – there is a food plan. All dancers may bring a water bottle (with water in them only) – No coffee, tea, soda, juice, or anything other than plain water.


  • We will get the children in and out of their costumes. When the performance is over guardians will come to the dressing room door, and present the wristband given when your student was initially dropped off at the dressing room.
  • Students will only be dismissed at the end of the show and not during the show.
  • Students who are Driving – If your student is driving to and from the theater (and their guardian is not present to pick them up), you must let us know and give us written permission to release your child from the dressing room without a guardian.

Tights/Shoes/Show Times

Clink the link below for a chart of tights and shoes that you will need. All Dancing Supplies may be obtained at the Brandywine Dance Shoppe on Route 202 in Delaware (302) 478-4403. This chart also lists the show or shows that each class is performing in.

   >  Holiday Show Tights/Shoes/Show Times Chart 

Tights All students are required to obtain the specific tights made by Bloch (the manufacturer) as noted below. The color of all ballet tights will be “Bloch Pink” (not light pink). The colors of all other tights will be flesh toned (listed as the color “B-Tan” below). Bloch’s B-Tan shade does not cover a wide spectrum of skin tones, particularly darker complexions. For the June recital, we will provide specific shades for dancers to choose from that most closely reflects their skin tone. For the Holiday Show, any dancers with brown skin tones or people of color should contact the Brandywine Dance Shoppe.

Note about the tight color B-Tan: Bloch changed its color scheme a year ago and started offering multiple shades of tan (Suntan, Tan, Light Tan, Bloch Tan).  The Brandywine Dance Shoppe calls “Bloch Tan” – B-Tan. Unfortunately, all suppliers do not carry all colors of tan.

The style numbers of the Bloch tights that you should obtain (also sold by the Brandywine Dance Shoppe) are as follows:

  • Bloch Child Footed – Style T0981G
  • Bloch Child Convertible – Style T0982G
  • Bloch Adult Footed – Style T0981L
  • Bloch Adult Convertible – Style T0982L

Shoes – These should be the same shoes the students are already wearing to class. New shoes, if needed, can be obtained at the Brandywine Dance Shoppe. 

Body Suits – Any student, uncomfortable changing into and out of costumes in the dressing room, should obtain a nude/flesh colored camisole leotard to wear under their costumes. There are many styles of camisole bodysuits (contact the Brandywine Dance Shoppe).

Holiday Show Performance Orders

Click the link below for a chart of the Performance orders for all three shows:

   >  Holiday Show Performance Orders

How To Do Hair Videos

All Holiday Show students need to wear their hair in a ballet bun (unless the dancer has extremely short hair – see notes below). Students will need a hairnet, hair pins, and possibly bobby pins. We have included two video links below describing how to do this. If you are new to making buns, we highly recommend you glance at these videos. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Video #1: This video was made by Miss Candice and Miss Jess – this is a complete hair video for dancers with long, fine hair that can use hairspray and gel. This video also has a description of the differences between “hairpins” and “bobby pins”. Hairpins are used for the bun, bobbly pins for anywhere else.

   >  Video #1 – How to make a Ballet Bun (by Miss Candice and Miss Jess)

  • Video #2: This video was made by the Houston Ballet Academy and describes how to make a ballet bun for three various hair types.  This video has a section for people with hair as mentioned in Video #1 as well as sections for dancers with thick textured hair and for dancers who cannot use hairspray and gel. Note: in the third section of this video, the instructor mistakenly uses the term “bobby pin” when pinning the bun – the instructor is actually using a “hairpin” and not a “bobby pin”.

   >  Video #2 How to make a Ballet Bun (by Houston Ballet Academy)

  • Dancers with short hair should contact the studio. We still need the hair pulled back and secured back off the face using gel, hairspray, and clips that blend in with the color of the dancer’s hair.
  • Masculine presenting dancers should contact the studio.

 General Hair Notes:

  • Hair Nets – Hair nets can usually be obtained from stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid. If you cannot find them, contact the studio. They cost us approximately 2$ for a pack of two and can be picked up at the studio front desk.
  • Hair Pins – Hair pins come in at least three varieties of 2-inch and 3-inch pins. If the student’s hair is thick or long, 3-inch hair pins make putting hair up easier (these usually need to be obtained from a hair supply store or Amazon). 2-inch hair pins are fine for most buns; however, they come in two varieties. One 2-inch variety is very thin and is designed to be very bendable (they are not useful for buns). Regular 2-inch hair pins are thicker, not as bendable, and are good for buns.
  • Short Hair – If your hair is extremely short and cannot be put into a bun, use hairspray, gel, and clip the hair back off the face and clip the hair to the back of the head. Contact us if you have any questions. We have been successful creating tiny buns using a hairnet.
  • Masculine Presenting Students – Contact the studio about hair.
  • Braiding – There are methods for putting hair into a bun by tightly braiding, wrapping, and pinning the bun. There are pros and cons to this method. It usually takes longer; and unless it is done well, there is the potential of it coming undone if the dancer is performing extensive jumps and turns. We recommend the hairnet method as it is the most secure.
  • Hair Bun Donut – There are methods of putting hair into a bun using a “hair bun donut”. These methods have the benefit that if someone has short hair, they can still look like they have a bun. Important however: buns should lie flat to the head and not stick out like a ball. A challenge with “hair bun donuts” is that if they are not secured properly with a hair net (as the included videos show), they can look like a ball on the back of the student’s head. If you are using a hair bun donut, contact us if you have questions.

Note: If you have any questions as to how to do hair, please contact us and we will show you. We have very simple and easy tricks using hairpins and a hairnet to make a ballet bun in a few minutes.

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