• Registration Fee ($30 per family) and first payment must be received to hold your place in class.
  • To determine your tuition rate, add up the number of hours of classes your family is taking each week, and then refer to the chart to the right to get your base monthly rate.


  • Option 1: Place a Credit Card (or Bank EFT) on file with us. Your first month and registration is paid to us directly at the time of registering. Subsequent monthly tuition fees will be withdrawn on the 15th of the month. A bill will be sent on the 1st of each month informing you of the tuition due. If you prefer, you may pay the studio by cash or check before the 15th of the month and no automatic charges will take place.
  • Option 2: Families who do not wish to place a credit card (or bank EFT) on file with us, will pay the first two months of tuition (and registration fee) upon registering and then monthly tuition for each subsequent month (thereby being one month ahead.)
  • For all options: any additional fees for the Spring Recital (or any other events) will be handled separately.
  • Note:  There is a $25 fee for failed bank transfers and returned checks. There is a $25 fee for any unpaid balances after second notices.


  • Costume fees are approximately $55-$85 per costume, and will be divided into four payments, one each due on the 15th of October, November, December, and January.
  • The Recital Fee is $75 per Family (includes 4 Recital tickets) and will be divided into two payments, one each due on the 15th of February and March.
  • Additional Recital Tickets are $15 per ticket.


(If your family has more than one student enrolled)

Families taking a total of 8.75 hours per week or less, simply use the rate chart on this page.

Families taking a total of 9 or more hours per week, add the following fees to the monthly rate.

  • 2nd Student – add $30 per month
  • 3rd Student – add $25 per month
  • 4th Student – add $20 per month

Session Based Classes

Dance w Me, Tiny Stars, Terrific Tumblers, Hip Hop Minis, Hip Hop Kidz, & Hip Hop Adults:

These classes have a different rate structure than our regular classes. Contact the studio if you are interested in these classes. Separate registration forms will be sent to you.

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  • Tuition Paid Monthly (for one student)
  • Classes run from September through May
  • Payments are made over 9 months September through May
  • Registration Fee:  $30 per family
  • Families with more than one student please see Family Rates below

Inquire About Enrollment

.50  $40
.75 $55
 1 $69
 1.25 $84
1.5 $99
 1.75 $113
 2  $126
 2.25 $139
 2.5 $153
 2.75 $167
 3  $179
 3.25 $193
 3.5 $205
3.75 $217
4 $228
4.25 $241
4.5 $252
4.75 $264
5 $274
5.25 $285
5.5 $296
5.75 $306
6 $317
 6.25 $327
6.5 $336
6.75 $347
7 $355
7.25 $365
7.5 $373
7.75 $382
 8+ $388