Paul Klocke Dance
Arrival and Dismissal Protocols

Mask Policy

Until further notice: Masks are currently optional.

Waiting Room and Arrival/Dismissal

Last year our waiting room was closed; the space was exclusively used to admit, gather, and dismiss the students in a safe and orderly fashion. In order to keep the student admission/dismissal procedures that worked so well this past year, the waiting room will reopen with a limited capacity. A large area of the waiting room will be reserved for the arrival and dismissal of students. A small area will be available for guardians who have reason to be in the building.

We will therefore continue to use the arrival and dismissal polices implemented year (see below). We will meet students at the front door and usher them into the waiting room until it’s time for them to proceed into the classroom. At the end of class, students will proceed to the waiting room and be dismissed directly to their guardian outside the front door.

In order to keep the number of people inside our building to a minimum and to leave enough room for us to safely and calmly admit/dismiss our students, we ask that you please remain outside unless you have a need to enter the studio. We would like to reserve the waiting room for guardians of young children (who might need help) or for new families who are not familiar with our school. If you must use the waiting room, please keep the number of people entering the building to a minimum.

 Arriving at the Studio

  • When arriving, park in our lot and bring your student to our front door. Do not line up in the driveway. The driveway will be reserved for those families picking up their children.
  • Students will be greeted by our staff and admitted into the building 5 minutes prior to their class starting and will be taken to their class.
  • If you are running late to class and a staff member is no longer at the front door, call the front desk, and we will meet you at the door. If you cannot reach someone at the front desk – you may enter the building.

Picking up your Student

  • Please arrive outside our front door 5 minutes before your class ends, and we will bring your child out to you.
  • If you are comfortable with your older child (age 12+) walking through the parking lot by themselves, you may text them to let them know that you have arrived. We will dismiss them when we have been notified that you are in the parking lot.
  • If an emergency comes up, where you must pick up your child early (or you are late picking up your student), call the front desk. If you cannot reach someone at the front desk – you may enter the building and stop at the front desk.