Dress Rehearsal Weeks
June 4 – 17, 2022

Location – At the Studio (Not the Theater)

Dress Rehearsal will be held at the studio and not at the theater over the weeks of June 4-17 during regular class times. Click the “Dress Rehearsal Chart” button below for a PDF chart giving information about each of our classes and listing which specific day each class is having their Guardian Visitation/Dress Rehearsal. We have also included a link to our main Recital Information document.

Space Limitations – Visitors

We are asking that each family bring just one guardian to our visitation days. In addition to space issues, our younger dancers can be intimidated by visitors in the room.  You are more than welcome to video the class and show family and friends.

If you must bring an additional child due to childcare issues, they must remain quietly on your lap (or in a chair if one is available) and cannot move around the room. Crying children must be taken out of the room until they are calm. It is always a challenge to get students to focus on the teachers when there are distractions in the room.

Guardians Entering the Building

During these weeks, we will bring the students into the building as we have been doing all year.  Guardians will drop their children off at our front door. Guardians will be let into the building 5 minutes after class begins once the lobby is clear of arriving and departing dancers.

Dress Rehearsal Class Timeline

  • Students will enter our building 5 minutes before their scheduled class time.
  • The guardian of student will enter our building 5 minutes after their scheduled class time.
  • For Rising Star 1 & 2, Levels 1-3, and A; we will start with a warmup activity, go over their recital dance, put on costumes, perform their dance, take off their costumes, and finish with a separate dance activity if time allows. All dancers must have 1 guardian in attendance.
  • For B, C, D, E levels, we are going to do the same as the above levels with the difference that recital dances will be performed in the last 20 minutes of class. If guardians wish to come at the beginning of class and watch the whole class, they may; they may also come for just the last 20 minutes of the class. If guardians in these levels do not have any questions, have done recitals before, and do not wish to attend, it is not required.
  • Guardians may film during these class times. Please – no flash photos while the students are dancing.

 Changing into Costumes at the Studio Dress Rehearsal

Some students have rented costumes and some have costumes that they have bought. (See the “Dress Rehearsal” chart above to see who has rented and who has purchased costumes.)

  • Students who have purchased costumes, will have them in their possession at this point and should bring their costumes to the studio in a separate bag (or on a hanger). Do not wear them to the studio.
  • If students have rented costumes, we will have them at the studio and will hand them out and re-collect them during the class.
  • Regardless of whether your dancer is using a rented or purchased costume, regular dress code dance attire should be worn as they will not be wearing their costumes for the entire class. Students should also have their required dance shoes with them.
  • We have recommended that all students obtain a skin-toned body suit (or appropriate dance bra and undergarment) to wear under their costumes for the actual performances. It is not necessary for students to wear a skin toned body suit at the dress rehearsal (unless they would like to wear one under their dance attire). Students must wear dress code attire that they can put their costume over (in the class room) as we do not have enough bathrooms for a large number of students to change into and out of costumes in a 10 minute time period.
  • If your dancer’s costume requirements (see “Dress Rehearsal” chart above) lists required tights, you must either bring or have your child wear the specified tights to the dress rehearsal. We will be checking to see that everyone has the correct items.
  • Students should have their hair properly done as specified on the “Dress Rehearsal” chart above and also described in the videos on  how to do hair on page 6 of the Recital Information letter.
  • Makeup is not needed for the Dress Rehearsal but should be worn for the performances.