Props Needed for the Following Classes

  • Dance with Me
  • Tiny Star
  • Rising Star 1&2
  • Level 1&2 Ballet/Tap

We use props in class (almost) weekly to help the dancers explore different movement patterns. The dancers love using the props! To ensure your child’s enjoyment of all activities, please pack the following props in their dance bag and make sure they have them each week.

  1. Beanbag or very small stuffed animal (floppy and squishy like a Beanie Baby): these will be used for balancing on their head.
  2. Small Scarf – such as a small chiffon scarf or bandana, square as opposed to an infinity scarf: students will dance with them, and large scarves can be a tripping hazard.
  3. Rhythm sticks, drumsticks, or chopsticks: students will tap them together, tap them on the floor, and roll them.
  4. Dance with Me (Only): a small ball.