Attendance is Mandatory!

Saturday, May 12, 2012
at the Lang Performing Arts Center at Swarthmore College
See the Recital Information Chart or the Dress Rehearsal Schedule to determine what time to arrive.
NOTE: Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 13th in 2012, so the Dress Rehearsal is NOT on Mother’s Day this year.

Location – Swarthmore College

Our Recital will be held at the Pearson Hall Theater in the Lang Performing Arts Center at Swarthmore College. Here is a map in .pdf format (easiest for most people to print), in .doc format, and in .jpg format. Allow enough time to find parking and to walk to the theater.

Dress Rehearsal/ NOT Mother’s Day

Our Dress Rehearsal will be on Saturday, May 12 in 2012 and not on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13. Note: from 2012-2015, our Dress Rehearsal may fall on Mother’s Day weekend. We will ask for the theater on Saturday of these weekends; however, we have to take the theater when it is available.

Be On Time or you will Miss Your Number.

Please be at Swarthmore in the auditorium in costume and make-up, ready to go on stage, at the times listed in the Recital Information Chart or you will miss your number. When you arrive at the theater go to the main auditorium. A list of each class’s seating assignment will be placed at the studio and at the theater. Find your child’s class and have them sit with their class. Parents sit in a different section. Plan to be at theater for 1½ hours after your scheduled starting time. Students may stay to watch the dress rehearsal or leave when their dances are done.

Note: If you are in more than one dance and wish to leave the auditorium after your first dance, please return on time for your second. In the past, some students have left to eat and missed their second number.

Changing Costumes at the Dress Rehearsal

Students may come to the theater wearing their costume unless it is raining. Students who need to change costumes have a variety of options – see below. Once they are wearing the next costume, they should sit in the seats assigned to their class in the auditorium, so that we know they are ready to dance. Check the Dress Rehearsal Order to see if you have a quick change. (Note: During the Performances, students with multiple costume changes will need to change in their designated dressing rooms and not the bathrooms.) You may change costumes in one of the following areas:

(a.) The bathrooms located in the lobby at the front of the theater.

(b.) Some students choose to change in the back of the auditorium, or the alcove in the hallway to the right of the theater. These are public spaces, so if modesty is a concern they may not be appropriate.

(c.) The B Dressing Room below the stage. To get to the B Dressing Room, walk down the main stairway in the lobby, continue straight to the end of the hallway, turn left, go through the doorway and the dressing room will be on the right. Signs will be posted. This is the long way to this dressing room; and should not be used if you have a fast change. Note: Although Dressing Room B is supervised during the actual performance, it is not supervised at the Dress Rehearsal. Do not leave valuables in this room, and please clean up after yourself when you leave.

(d.) If the student is old enough to change costumes by themselves once their first dance is finished, they can get to Dressing Room B by walking down the stairs located at the back of the stage. In this case, the student should have already preset their next costume in the B Dressing Room.

(e.) Advanced/Intermediate and Advanced Students who need to make extremely quick costume changes should use the Quick Change Room located to the left of the stage. Students will need to pre-set their costumes in this room. (This room is actually the machine shop for the theater and is not appropriate for younger students.)

(f.) If your younger student has a quick change, typically 3 numbers or less, please call us.

(g.) If you feel your situation doesn’t fit into any of these categories, or feel you have a special circumstance, or are not sure about what to do, call the studio so we can help you. At the Dress Rehearsal, if any costume change situation becomes overly hectic or problematic, simply notify someone on the stage or one of the volunteer helpers. We will not put a number on stage without someone as long as we know where they are and what problem they are having.

No Food or Drink in the Auditorium!!!!

Swarthmore College’s policy is that absolutely no food or drink can be brought into the Auditorium. Eat in the lobby and clean up afterward. We get in trouble with the theater every year because people ignore this request and sneak food into the Auditorium that inevitably ends up on the floor, on the seats, and on costumes.

Other Reminders:

•Jewelry – Do not wear jewelry on stage. This includes bracelets (ankle or wrist), earrings, rings, etc. Please leave these items at home.

•Pierced Ears – Do not get your child’s ears pierced before the Dress Rehearsal and Performance. Wait until afterwards. (Note: If you must wear a small post earring, cut off a piece of a Band-Aid and place it over the earring.)

•Nail Polish – Please do not wear colored nail polish (or toe polish, if dancing in bare feet).

•Underwear – Do not wear underwear under your tights; it shows through. We tell younger children that the costume is like a bathing suit and that the underwear is magically built in.

•Hair Accessories – Please do not use fancy colored clips, beads, or other visible hair accessories. Just pull their hair straight back cleanly and neatly into a bun or a pony. The goal is to see the hairpiece that comes with the costume and not the accessories needed to hold up the hair.

Dress Rehersal Schedule (order subject to change)

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