Recital Fee:

There is a recital fee of $60 per family. This fee is due with the fourth quarter tuition and helps pay for the theater. It includes 4 complimentary tickets. (Additional tickets, if available, may be purchased – see the recital ticket page for more details.)

Volunteer Credit:

Parents who volunteer at the performances will be credited $20 as a thank you for volunteering. Please read the volunteer page for more information.

Costume Payment Schedule:

A $40 deposit per costume is due with the second quarter tuition. Costume balances are due with the third quarter tuition. If you are not sure of the number of costumes you will need, please call the studio and we will help you.

Costume Fees

•$50-$65 per costume for students in Kinderdance 1, 2; Ballet/Tap Child 1, 2, 3; Jazz 2, 3; Tumbling Beg/Int, 2; Hip Hop 1.

•$55-$70 per costume for students in Ballet/Tap/Jazz 4-7, Intermediate-Advanced; all Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop 2-4, & Musical Theater.

•Students who are taking multiple classes (e.g. three or four ballet classes, and/or two jazz, and/or a tap, etc.) may need to call the studio to determine the number of costumes needed.

•Costume companies offer discounts for early orders and payment. We have already included these discounts in the amounts listed. Costume deposits and/or costume balances received after the due date will be assessed an additional fee to cover the loss of these discounts.

•Rented Costumes –Occasionally the studio rents costumes to classes (for $30) instead of having the students buy their own (for $50-$70). We will notify you if this applies to your class.

Special Notes

•Kinderdance 1&2, Child Ballet/Tap 1, 2, 3: These classes will present either a tap or a ballet dance in the recital but not both. They will need one costume. Although we try to alternate from year to year, there may be years where the students do the same style of dance twice in a row.

•Child 4 & 5 Ballet/Tap: These students will perform both tap and ballet in the recital and will need two costumes.

•Pointe Students: Students only perform pointe in the recital if they have reached a certain level of proficiency. We try to have pointe students wear the same costume they are wearing for ballet; however, if this is not possible, there may be a costume rental fee of $30 for an alternate costume. Selected students will be notified at a later date.

•Grande Finale: Over the past several years we have combined several of our Tap, Jazz and Performing Group classes to create a Finale number for the recital. S tudents in Jazz 6 and Tap 6 levels and above; and the Junior, Teen, and Senior Performing Group levels are invited to perform in the Finale. (See our Recital Finale page for more details.) For students who participate, a $35 participation fee will be listed on your third quarter statement. This fee becomes non-refundable once we have ordered costumes. In the past, Finale students supplied their own jazz pants, jazz shoes, and miscellaneous accessories. Finale students will receive a letter detailing what will be required for costuming.