Dress Rehearsal Help — Sitting with your Children at the Dress Rehearsal

At the Dress Rehearsal, the children sit in specified rows in the audience (so we can find them) while waiting for their numbers to go on. We need parents to simply be an adult presence and sit with the childrenwhile they wait. This is an easy commitment that lasts only the length of time that you would be at the theater anyway. Once your child’s class goes on stage your commitment is done. Please let us know on the Recital Permission Form if you can help us in this way.

Performance Help – Volunteering at the Performance

We need approximately 30 volunteers per performance. This is a longer commitment than the Dress Rehearsal. If you can help out, please indicate this on the Recital Permission Form.

As a way of saying thank you to those offering to help in this way, the immediate families of the performance volunteers will be given first choice of seats in the auditorium and will be seated fifteen minutes before the rest of the audience.

We offer a $20 rebate credit to people who volunteer for an entire Performance (not the Dress Rehearsal). The reason is that Performance Volunteers are at the shows for several hours, whereas most parents sitting with children at the Dress Rehearsal are present for a much shorter time and have much less to do. Several parents have asked if they could volunteer for the Performances but just attend the first half of a show; sometimes it is possible to use someone in this way and sometimes it is not, we will do our best. Performance Volunteers helping for half the show will receive a half a rebate credit.

Volunteers do not need a ticket to enter the auditorium for the show they are volunteering in; however, they will need a ticket for any shows that they are not volunteering in.

There are five shows. Parents can either help out in the show that their child is in (we can make sure that the volunteer sees their own child dance), or they may volunteer in another show (and watch the show that their child is in).


On the Recital Permission Form, under the volunteer section, please list which show(s) you can help in. Please also list any restrictions you have on what you would be willing or able to do. Please note: if five people from the same class volunteer with the restriction that they only wish to be with their child’s class, we may be able to only pick one.

We will have a significant amount of information posted at the studio during costume week concerning helpers for the Dress Rehearsal and Volunteers for the Performance. We will list the names and responses of those people who contacted us about helping. We need everyone to reconfirm what they can or cannot do to make sure these lists are accurate.

If for any reason we cannot take advantage of someone’s offer to volunteer, we will let him or her know. Should we have too many volunteers, we will select those people who volunteered first. If we end up with more volunteers than we need, we will call and apologize to the people whom we do not have a task for.