Fall 2023-24 Class Information

We would love to have you join us for our 2023-24 season. To register for our classes, either refer to the class registration email that was sent to you listing the classes that are available for you to take, or contact the studio to get a list of classes available to you. Please only sign up for classes that have been recommended for you. We have both our regular monthly classes for students age 3½ and older, and we also have our session classes that run in 6-8 week blocks for children ages 1½ to age 5. If you have any questions, please contact us before registering.

Classes that are  Generally Available
Class Type Minimum Age/Level
 Dance with Me & Tiny Stars  Ages 1½-3½
 Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement  Ages 3½-5½
 Acro/Tumbling  Ages 3½-10
 Ballet/Tap/Jazz  Ages 6 and above (Level 1)
 Jazz Funk  Ages 5½-10
 Street Jazz  Age 9½ (or Level A) & Up
 Lyrical  Age 7½ (or Level 3) & up
 Modern  Age 9½ (or Level A) & Up
 Pointe  Ballet Level B and above
 Adult Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street Jazz  Call for Levels
 Performing Competition Groups  Call if interested; typically level 3 and above